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Monroe Orthodontics LLC

5 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

By L.L.


"Dr Leiva and her staff have been wonderful during our daughter's brace experience. It has been a quick two years and her smile is great to see. From her perspective, she enjoyed having the ability to change colors on her braces monthly. Now the retainer chapter begins, however. We are sure it will also be non-eventful. We recommend Monroe Orthodontics and the professional staff."

By D.R.


"My son's transformation was amazing. He started with his palate expander. After 6 months, he had his braces. Within months, I started to notice that the spaces were filling in and his extremely crooked teeth straightened out. This young man always has a smile on his face but now, thanks to Dr. Leiva, he just shines! Thank you so much for truly making such a difference in his life. It is a pleasure to visit your office and your terrific staff."

By D.L.


"Monroe Orthodontics runs their modern office so efficiently and prioritizes their customers' comfort and experience so effectively that they should be the model for how to run a medical/dental/orthodontic practice. From the moment you arrive with your kids, you are offered a cup of coffee while your kids check in via a thumb scan. The waiting room, which you'll not spend much time in because this office is EFFICIENT, is bright, colorful, comfortable. There are video games available for the kids while they are waiting. Once your child is called in for his/her appointment, you'll be invited to join them to observe and understand what is being done. Every procedure is explained carefully and thoroughly by Dr. Leiva and her staff. They use the latest technology and equipment beginning with the evaluation. Even the initial consult is impressive. When your child is seen for that first visit, you'll be given a folder with a treatment proposal, 8.5"x11" photos of your child's digitally-imaged X-rays, and five color photos of your child's upper and lower jaws, opened and closed, as well as their bite. Even full-face photos (from front and side) with their "before" photos. The staff are all experts at making children of all ages comfortable and relaxed. It's rare to see this level of customer service when dealing with medical/dental professionals. They truly make it a pleasurable experience for my sons. They incentivize their patients to care for their oral hygiene and orthodontics by giving them wooden coins that can be amassed with each visit and then redeemed for prizes like gift cards to Game Stop or an iPod. As you check out and book your child's next appointment, you child can keep busy by participating in their monthly contest (guess the weight of the watermelon, that sort of thing). I've suggested that Dr. Leiva should add a dental practice to her office because of how well she runs her orthodontics office! Whenever I have to take my kids to any medical appointments, it's unpredictable how much time we'll really spend there, especially in regards to how long we'll wait to be seen. Not so at Monroe Orthodontics! Even when the waiting room is full, we have been seen on time. Definitely appreciated by working parents!!"

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