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Monroe Orthodontics, located near East Brunswick, is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic services to our community. Our practice is known for its commitment to personalized care, utilizing the latest advancements in orthodontic technology to meet the unique needs of each patient. Led by our experienced orthodontic team, Monroe Orthodontics offers a range of treatments designed to give you the smile you've always wanted.

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Meet Susan Leiva, DMD

I love helping people develop a beautiful, healthy smile that improves their self-esteem and confidence.

While seeing a person’s finished smile is wonderful, getting to know you during treatment and becoming your friend makes the smile so much better.

Our Comprehensive Orthodontic Services

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Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a proven method for achieving precise tooth alignment. At Monroe Orthodontics, we use the latest in braces technology to enhance comfort and reduce treatment time, making metal braces a great option for patients of all ages.

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Clear Braces

For those seeking a less noticeable orthodontic solution, our clear braces offer the perfect blend of discretion and effectiveness. Made from ceramic materials that blend with the natural color of your teeth, clear braces at Monroe Orthodontics provide an aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces.

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Invisalign represents the forefront of orthodontic innovation, offering a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth. Ideal for adults and teens who prioritize aesthetics, our clear aligner therapy provides a flexible and removable option, allowing for an easier lifestyle while achieving a beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment Across All Ages

Orthodontic treatment is not just about improving the appearance of your smile; it offers significant benefits for oral health and well-being:

For Children: Early orthodontic evaluations can identify potential issues, guiding growth and development for optimal oral health.

For Teens: Orthodontic treatment during these formative years can boost self-esteem, correct misalignments, and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

For Adults: It's never too late to improve your smile. Orthodontic treatment in adults can correct longstanding issues, enhance oral function, and rejuvenate aesthetics.

Begin Your Journey to a Perfect Smile at Monroe Orthodontics

At Monroe Orthodontics near East Brunswick, we're ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Whether you're considering metal braces, clear braces, or clear aligners, our team is here to guide you through every step of your orthodontic journey. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and discover how we can transform your smile and your life.